Core Features

No matter what type of WordPress website you are running, there are some KEY FEATURES essential for every business running an online presence -- and is included at every plan level.

CDN Included

Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps to minimize load times for people visiting your site.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We are proud to be partnered with WPEngine, the #1 Managed WordPress hosting platform.

SSL Included

Protect your data transmissions & site visitors. Boost your site’s ranking signal with Google.

Speed Optimizations: Image Related Features

Images are awesome, but they can slow down your site.

Resize Images

Images used at a smaller resolution than its native size can be resized to improve performance. We’ll find them and resize ’em.

WP Smush Pro

We’ll give your site access to WPMU’s WP Smush Pro ($600 value) plugin to highly compress all images in your Media Gallery.


Another benefit of Smush Pro – all images you upload after we install and configure the plugin will automatically be ultra compressed.

Straggler Images

Images aren’t always in the uploads folder. We’ll find ’em and Smush ’em.

Keep EXIF Data

Want to keep image info? We can keep that data in place when compressing.

PNG to Lossy JPEG

We will convert PNG files to lossy JPG files when it makes sense for an image.


Automatic Resizing

We will configure WP Smush Pro to automatically resize images to proactively optimize your site.

Check out our WordPress Care Plans

*Agency rates are available. Contact us for a quote on service for large numbers of websites sites.

Speed Optimizations: Code & Server Related Features

Our tools can all be leveraged to serve your needs.

Minify Javascript & CSS

Removing white space in these types of files reduces file size and improves performance.

Gzip Compression

We will compress the HTML, JavaScript and Style Sheets to reduce the site load time.

Leverage Browser Caching

We configure the server to utilize the visitor’s browser cache so the site loads even faster on repeat visits.


Combining requests? Thing of the past – with HTTP/2 we can take advantage of full multiplexing and a single TCP connection.

Remove Query Strings

This can help with caching static resources and is a metric often used in optimization scans and reporting.

Relocate Render-Blockers

We scan your website and identify all assets that slow the loading of your site. We move them when possible to speed up load times.


Server Caching

We leverage page caching and object caching in conjunction with CDN management to make your site FAST.

Check out our WordPress Care Plans

*Agency rates are available. Contact us for a quote on service for large numbers of websites sites.


Our tools can all be leveraged to serve your needs.

Force Secure Passwords

No more “password123” passwords. You will be required to create passwords that pass strict standards.

WordPress Hardening

We’ll change salts and keys regularly as well as make non-default database table prefixes.

Real-Time Monitoring

Actually means “All-the-time” monitoring. We’ll know the second something looks fishy…

Manual & Automatic IP Lockout

Guard against brute force attacks with permanent or timed site bans for repeated 404s or failed login attempts.

Scan Core Files

We regularly scan WordPress core files and the root directory for anything that doesn’t belong.

2-Factor Authentication

Use a password and your phone to log into your WP Administation dashboard.

Plugin & Theme Code Checking

We scan for known issues with themes and plugins that are installed

Full Daily Website Backups

Includes your website’s files and database everyday so if something terrible happens we can get your site back up quickly.

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