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Each feature service addresses a need in the WordPress ecosystem that your website is built on.
Read on to learn more about each of them and protect yourself against a cyber bear attack !

Hosting and Enterprise Grade Security through our partner WP Engine.

Wordpress is an excellent platform to build your website on. Approximately 27.5% of the web is powered by WordPress. But this platform needs a foundation to match.

You can host your website anywhere, and for next to nothing. But keep in mind that you always get what you pay for.

Our hosting platform is built and optimized specifically to serve WordPress websites. We have the best security and scrutinize plugins down to the code level to ensure your site doesn’t have any invisible vulnerabilities. Whether it’s a DDoS attack or anything else, our hosting is built to protect your site from those unfriendly folks wandering the internet.

Daily Automatic Backups

Even with the best security and top of the line equipment there’s bound to be a breakdown at some time..

Technology is awesome – when it works. Thankfully we do what’s necessary to plan for the unthinkable and the inevitable. Computer systems run on hardware, so the question isn’t if, but when. Disaster recovery starts with disaster preparation. We backup your site each and every single day so when the question of when happens, we’re ready to get you back up and running quickly.

Development Time for All

Every care plan comes with dev time built in


    Comes with 30 minutes of dev time each month for you to use as you see fit.


    Comes with 60 minutes of dev time each month for you to use as you see fit.


    Comes with 4 hours of dev time each month for you to use as you see fit.

Host more than 1 site with us? Use your monthly allotted dev time on any sites on a care plan however you choose. Use it all on one site, split it among them in any amount you want. It’s your time, use it how you want.

Need more dev time? No problem – you can buy as many as you need once or subscribe to a regular amount.

Training Videos

We provide access to regularly updated, professionally produced videos to help you get the most out of working on your website. Something not covered in the training or you’re still stuck on? Use your dev time and we’ll take care of it.

Basic and Complete care packages provide you with the insights you need to know in order to better utilize your website to help build your business.
Enterprise care packages come with advanced reporting metrics to help you out maneuver your competition online.

Monthly Monitoring Reports

With the right information at the right time you can avoid a catastrophe or plan the next great takeover. Every month you’ll know how your site is doing and what we’ve done in that month to keep it battle ready.

  • Uptime Monitoringuptime
  • Basic SEO MetricsSEO metrics
  • Activity Reportsreports

Database Optimization

Users are a click-happy bunch. Whether it’s a form that’s been submitted more than once accidentally, or a technical issue that is causing duplicate data entries – your site stores information necessary for your business all the time. These duplicate entries and bot activity can eat up a lot of space in your database and cause it to be heavy and slow. Every month we go through your entire database and clean out all the junk that accumulates so that it can do it’s job quickly and efficiently.

Customer Support

Our help desk is available all the time. Email support to open a ticket. Most tickets are resolved within 24 hours.

We’re here for you. We perform most of our support through our ticketing system and email. This helps us keep costs down and service up.

Need a more direct line to support? Our Enterprise Care package includes a dedicated account manager who will facilitate all your service needs.

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